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I’m Losing you.

Painting as an object, image as information, the screen as nexus


My work focuses on humanity at the intersection of digital and physical and how our growing relationship with the digital world impacts our experience of life. Focusing on the agency of information held within images and how the conversion between digital and physical affects our perception of the worth of the image and thus ourselves.

The medium is the message, but as we rely on metaphysical digital information as our primary form of communication, the worth of the medium could quickly collapse and with it, the worth of the message. These paintings are rooted in the physical, painted sculpturally with thick impasto on a neon background; the experience of these images will never translate across mediums. Yet, there is also an entirely different experience of the work available through digital remediation; the viewer gets to choose how to see the work.

There is a tension of loss and gain in the digital-physical conversion. What is felt but not seen, seen but not felt. The tension we feel is the shift in the agency of information and the subsequent realignment of worth.


I’m Losing you invites the audience to experience this conversion by interacting and asking who holds the agency?


yeah i'm listening

Still .png

you still there?


you've frozen

Fuck .png


I dropped you

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